Modules, Rovers and Moon Rocks

What did it take to explore the lunar surface? The Apollo/Saturn V Center brings the global excitement of the Moon landings to life. Authentic artifacts and engaging exhibits showcase the innovation of NASA’s Moon landing missions.

  • Touch the Moon! Walk on our projected Moon surface and watch as your feet leave footprints behind you. Plus, touch an actual Moon rock – a sample brought back to Earth from Apollo 17.
  • With interactive displays, explore the Moon and the six Apollo landing sites to learn more about each mission, the astronauts and interesting items they left behind.
  • Learn how later Apollo missions used the lunar rover to navigate the foreign terrain.
Attraction Details
  • include with admission tag Included With Admission
  • transport Only accessible via the Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour
  • Hours icon Allow 15 minutes including the Saturn V Rocket
  • transport Return shuttle buses leave Apollo/Saturn V Center every 15 minutes and travel 20 minutes to the main visitor complex
  • page detail Wheelchair Accessible
  • page detail Map
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