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Apollo/Saturn V Center Transformation Celebration

Jul 15, 2019 10:30 AM - Jul 15, 2019 11:00 AM Apollo/Saturn V Center

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 and the ongoing anniversaries of each mission of the Apollo Program, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is enhancing the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

On July 15, 2019 at 10:30 AM, join the visitor complex for the grand transformation celebration of this attraction that highlights NASA’s Apollo Program. The event will begin in the Apollo 8 Firing Room, the preshow theater that showcases the actual launch control consoles from Apollo 8. Robert Cabana, the director of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, and representatives and Delaware North (the operator of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex) will be there to share highlights of what is new inside the facility. At the conclusion of this brief ceremony, you are invited to be among the first to tour around the transformed Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Interactive and immersive exhibits will bring those first small steps to life, celebrating the milestones of this era in space exploration and its worldwide influence. Some of the new exhibits include:

  • Moonscape - Engage in interactive challenges like landing the lunar module (LM) just like in Apollo 11. Plus, explore a 3D model to learn how the LM worked.
  • Touch the Moon - Feel like a part of the Moon landing as you leave your own footprints on the lunar surface below you. Then, take a moment to reach for the rock and touch the Moon!
  • Command Service Module - Get up close to a real command service module (CSM), the spacecraft that took astronauts to the Moon.
  • Fisher Space Pen - Learn about this pen’s ability to write in microgravity and its use in many space missions.
  • 1960s Living Room and Bar - Imagine you and your family huddled around a television watching the Moon landing in this 1960s-era living room display and bar scene.
  • First Steps - Apollo astronaut Alan Bean’s mural, entitled First Steps, is an inspiring backdrop to an exhibit that showcases space-flown artifacts from Apollo 7 – 11 and how each played a critical role in the journey to the Moon.
  • The Saturn V Rocket - Learn about the team that built the most powerful rocket ever built, how it was made and how it was later assembled inside the Vehicle Assembly Building.
  • Perfect Trajectory - Explore the launch path of the Saturn V rocket through interactive displays and a highly detailed accompanying model.
  • Media Mania - Dive into the “media mania” of the Apollo era through cameras, media badges and other artifacts from before the digital age.
  • Getting to the Moon – Learn about the missions that lead up to the historic Moon landing, what we did on the Moon and how we plan to go back.
  • Projection Mapping - Captivating moments from the Apollo Program come to life with projected footage on the side of the Saturn V rocket.


This event is included with daily admission. Please arrive early and head to the Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour entrance upon arrival. Bus boarding for the Apollo/Saturn V Center will begin at 9:30 AM, and the the event's capacity will be on a first come, first served basis.

Father and daughter look up at the Saturn V rocket on display at the Apollo/Saturn V Center at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Apollo/Saturn V Center Transformation Celebration

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