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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is opening many new and exciting offerings, including a new entrance and ticket plaza, an all new Dine With an Astronaut, and new Bus Tour videos!

It has been a busy year for the visitor complex with a universe of new exhibits, interactive experiences and even some new photo opportunities. Plus, we have a new entrance! Learn all that is new and what is coming soon.

New parking plaza at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Drive underneath our recreation of NASA’s crawler-transporter at our new entrance and parking plaza!

Guests lighting up the Step. Tower. Launch! power tiles using piezoelectric energy.

Step. Power. Launch. See your energy in action by walking across special tiles to create electricity.

The Kennedy Space Center celebrates the holidays with decor such as the 'ornament' NASA Meatball!

With these insider tips and tricks, learn how to make the most out of your visit during Holidays in Space.

The Mars InSight probe is shown in this artist's rendition operating on the surface of Mars.

NASA’s InSight spacecraft will land on Mars as the first mission to study the interior of the Red Planet and how rocky planets in our solar system formed four billion years ago.

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