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Top 5 Tips for Your Holiday Visit to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

No doubt about it, Florida is a very popular destination for the winter holidays. If you are treating yourself to sun, sand and space this holiday season, we’ve got a few tips to make the most of your visit to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

  1. Arrive Early!
    The visitor complex opens at 9 am every day and the parking lot opens at 8:30 am. Early bird opportunities include getting a jump on lines and scoring the best parking spot!

  2. Don’t Miss This:  Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour, Space Shuttle Atlantis® and Heroes & Legends
    Did you know that all three attractions are included with daily admission?!

  3. Eat Lunch Early or Late
    Don’t follow the crowd and have lunch at 11 am or 2 pm. Bonus tip: visitors are welcome to bring picnic lunch to enjoy at the visitor complex using soft-sided coolers. No glass bottles, please!

  4. Be Prepared for Some Waiting
    Busy or not, the first line you may encounter is the security line. Visitors may encounter another line for the Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour. Bonus tip: An entire fleet of buses keeps the tour operating continually throughout the day until 2 and half hours before complex closing time.

  5. Purchase Tickets Online
    Purchase your tickets before you arrive at You must have printed tickets to enter, so print out your tickets and bring them with you, otherwise you’ll need to wait in line at Will Call to have them printed for you.

Though just the Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour and Space Shuttle Atlantis are worth the price of admission, there are so many other things to do at the visitor complex! Explore the many attractions included with daily admission and wrap up your visit with the evening event Holidays In Space that takes place in the Rocket Garden December 21 – January 1.

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